Monthly EPU Indices for 22 Countries

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Note: This data file is constructed primarily for the convenience of use by researchers. It is updated only once per month and thus may deviate slightly from the country-level indexes found on the other pages on this site. For the most up-to-date numbers for any given country, please download the country-level file on the applicable page.

The Excel file at the link above contains monthly indices of Economic Policy Uncertainty for 22 countries plus two GDP-weighted indices of Global Economic Policy Uncertainty. The data series cover the period from January 1997 to the present for all countries, and they go back to earlier years for certain countries. Yellow-highlighted entries are imputed following the method described in Davis (2016).

For detailed information about each national and global EPU index, navigate to the appropriate page using the buttons to the left.

If you use the EPU indices in this data file, please cite the appropriate sources, as follows:

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